Sector : Seafood

Destination Market: Australia

Information : Australia


Exports to Australia

The competent authorities in Australia provide a database facility to help inform exporters on certain entry requirements. This system is known as BICON (Biosecurity Import Conditions) and is accessible at the following link.

BICON can be used by exporters to determine whether a commodity intended to be imported into Australia:  

  • is permitted
  • is subject to import conditions
  • requires supporting documentation
  • requires treatment
  • needs an import permit  

Specific Health Certicate for use for Exports to Australia

The health certificate to be used for exports to Australia has been amended to take into account conditions for the importation of salmon species sourced, processed and exported from the Republic of Ireland for human consumption and is available on application to approved establishments from their local SFPA port office.    

Each consignment must be accompanied by consignment specific certification issued by the SFPA which includes additional health conditions applicable to salmonids on the health certificate.  

In addition these products must be packaged by one of the following methods: 

  • Fish or fish pieces are individually packaged in plastic sleeves, pouches or other packaging, in cartons of any weight;     
  • Fish or fish pieces are loose packed within a plastic bag in cartons weighing 27.3kg (60lbs) or less;        
  • Fish or fish pieces are loose packed in cartons weighing greater than 27.3kg (60lbs).