Information : Meat

According to the CSO Ireland exported over €3.9 billion euros worth of meat with a volume of just under 900,000 tonnes in 2021. This includes the following sectors and commodities:


  • Beef worth almost €2.4 billion or almost 451,000 tonnes was exported to around 75 countries. Beef exports comprise 60%  of the total meat exports. Overall beef is Ireland’s second most valuable category of agri-export after Dairy. 
  • Pigmeat worth over €932 million, or almost 290,000 tonnes, was exported to almost 80 countries. Pigmeat exports account for over 23% of the total meat exports.  
  • Sheepmeat worth over €386 million, or almost 58,000 tonnes, was exported to around 40 countries. This equates to 9.7% of the total meat export figure. The value of sheepmeat exports increased over 2020 figures. 
  • Poultrymeat with a value of €238 million, and a volume of almost 95,000 tonnes, was exported to almost 40 countries with approximately 6% of the total meat exports. 


At present Irish meat is exported to around 75 countries globally, both within the European Union on general commercial documents and outside the European Union, either on the basis of bilaterally agreed veterinary health certificates, EU health certificates or on general meat certificates.  Products exported include:

  • Beef

  • Pigmeat

  • Sheepmeat

  • Poultry

  • Cooked meats

Further information on this trade and these certification conditions is available on this website. Any further queries please email to