Sector : Seafood

Region Africa

Information : Africa

Health Certificates are required when consignments of fish/fishery products and molluscan shellfish are being exported to countries within Africa.   

Ireland’s four main African markets – Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt and Ghana accounted for almost 11% of total exports in 2018. Exports to Nigeria were almost 12% lower in value compared to 2017, with a decrease in volume of around 2.5%. Trading conditions in the Nigerian market continued to be difficult, with a further decline in value driven by another drop in the average prices, reducing by almost 49% between 2016 and 2018. Seafood exports to Egypt increased by 19%, following on from a decrease in 2017. Exports to Ghana decreased by 22% in value terms whilst exports to Cameroon recorded a positive performance, with value exports rising by 15% and volumes dropping by almost 17%. This saw unit price rise by 38%, up from €872 per tonne to €1,200 per tonne.