Sector : Meat

Destination Market: Barbados

Information : Barbados




In 2018 Ireland had nil exports

In 2017 Ireland exported approximately 17 tonnes of Pigmeat valued at €0.034 m

In 2016 Ireland had nil exports

Products  Exported: N/A

Certification Arrangements: The certificate is for chilled or frozen meat, meat preparations and meat products of swine origin

Exporter T&C’S:

  • Exports can take place from slaughter cutting plants and cold stores approved by DAFM for handling Pigmeat.
  • Origin –the meat or meat products must be derived from pigs born and reared in the Republic of Ireland or legally imported into Ireland.
  • Packaged meat/meat products must not come into contact with other meats not similarly certified.
  • Trader notice number 14/2019 refers.





In 2018 there were NIL exports

In 2017 there were NIL exports

In 2016 Ireland exported approximately 74 tonnes of beef valued at 0.233 Mil Euro

Products to be Exported:  Beef and Beef Products

Certification Arrangements:

Ireland has a bilateral agreement with Barbados for the export of chilled/frozen beef and beef products.

Exporter terms and conditions

  • Exports can take place from all slaughter, cutting plants, and cold stores approved and supervised by DAFM once the required SOP is in place.
  • Origin – The meat and meat products were derived from animals that were born or reared in the Republic of Ireland or from animals or products that were legally imported into the country. The animals were born or reared after 1 August 2001.
  • The meat, packages of meat referred to above bears an EU mark indicating that it has been obtained, handled and stored in accordance with EU regulations and it continues to be fit for human consumption.
  • Trader notice number 13/2019 refers.


TRADE: In 2016 Ireland had nil exports


CERTIFICATION ARRANGEMENTS: The certificate is for Poultrymeat



  • The Poultrymeat must be derived from poultry, which were hatched and reared only in the Republic of Ireland.
  • The poultry must be slaughtered and the meat prepared in an establishment approved for export to the EC, and where no red meat is handled.
  • The packaged Poultrymeat must be stored separately from red meat in the cold room to prevent contamination of the packaging.
  • Exports can take place from all establishments approved by DAFM.