Sector : Meat

Region Europe

Destination Market: Turkey

Information : Turkey




In 2017 Ireland exported approximately 100 tonnes of beef valued at €0.094 m

In 2016 Ireland exported approximately 78 tonnes of beef valued at €0.078 m

PRODUCTS EXPORTED: Exclusively frozen bovine offal

CERTIFICATION ARRANGEMENTS: The certificate is for fresh, chilled, frozen meat (carcass) of domestic bovine animals


  • The animals must be born, continuously reared and slaughtered in a country with a controlled risk of BSE
  • The meat must be derived from animals aged under 30 months. However, all animals must have been tested for BSE with negative result.
  • Exports can take place from all establishments approved by DAFM
  • The animals must come from holdings where they have remained for 40 days prior to slaughter.
  • Trader Notice no. 1/2011 refers:




In 2017 Ireland exported approximately 43 tonnes of Sheepmeat valued at €0.070 m.

PRODUCTS EXPORTED: Edible meat of Ovine animals

CERTIFICATION ARRANGEMENTS: We do not have a bilaterally agreed certificate for the export of Sheepmeat to Turkey. That said, Turkey seems to be one of the countries that accept exports of Sheepmeat from Ireland on the basis of the general export health certificate.

The export health certificate covers edible Sheepmeat products

EXPORTER T&C’S: The meat must satisfy the conditions set out in the general export health certificate and must be exported from a DAFM approved premises


In relation to DAFM approved plants please contact