Sector : Dairy

Region Africa

Destination Market: Central African Republic

Information : Central African Republic

COUNTRY NAME: Central African Republic


RANKING BY VALUE IN 2017 (€million): N/A

RANKING BY VALUE IN 2016 (€million): 140



For 2017, CSO data indicate that Ireland exported 0 tonnes of dairy products with a value of €0 to Central African Republic.

For 2016, CSO estimates indicate that Ireland exported 14 tonnes of dairy produce with a value of €0.0 million to Central African Republic.


PRODUCT: In recent years, the typical products exported to Central African Republic were as follows;

  • Milk Powder.


CERTIFICATION ARRANGEMENTS: Trade in dairy products to Central African Republic from Ireland is on the basis of the following certificate types;

  • Public and Animal Health and Veterinary statements from Milk Policy Division's (MPD's) Menu of Statements.
  • Applicants select from MPD's Menu of Statements to satify country requirements. However, custom and usage have set some precedents.


KEY REQUIREMENTSFood Exports Dairy - Key Requirements (doc 37Kb) .